Better basics

We initially worked to help them understand their audiences and their personas, uncovering what content and services each would genuinely find of value and could influence decision-making. This provided a suite of ideas and opportunities for improvements.

Better set-up

Using the Kentico EMS we provided both the training and the tools for them to start to test and measure recommended site improvements on all aspects including design, customer experience, functionality, content and data capture - all with the ultimate aim of improving ROI.

  • Salesforce integration
  • site search improvements
  • A/B testing on CTAs
  • MVT testing on forms and menu taxonomy
  • custom reporting on personas
  • form abandonment
  • content personalisation

Better iterations

The suite of tactics we continue to deliver is a testament to our ability to respond to a client with more than just a 'rip and replace' solution. Sometimes, throwing the baby out with the bathwater will be our answer, but each client need and circumstance is different. Flexibility and agility is key.


As a business, we had made a decision to move on from our incumbent agency for a number of reasons - that was the easy part - the hard part was to find a new agency that would understand us, understand our business needs and most importantly, treat us as an individual client, and not as a 'one size fits all' type relationship. Right from the beginning, we found NetConstruct to be refreshing in their approach and any doubts and misgivings we had about a new agency were soon put to rest.

Shaun Measday
Digital Marketing Manager