Last week the Kentico Roadshow event came to London. As you might expect from one of the leading global Kentico Gold partners NetConstruct sent something of a delegation to the event.

The event was a real mixture of technology, marketing, business, case studies and product planning. Clearly a lot of time was spent planning and refining the structure to accommodate such a broad spread of audience needs in just a single day.

Here are a few thoughts from some of our team who attended the event.

Liam Goldfinch, Developer

Going to London's part of the Kentico Roadshow was so much more insightful than I originally thought. I was thinking the event was going to be mainly a sales pitch for using Kentico Draft (something I had previously investigated and decided it probably wasn't quite right for us at the time), but soon found out things have moved on significantly.

The conference was primarily aimed at showing off their new headless CMS which is a far greater offering than just a content preparation and collaboration tool like Kentico Draft was. This headless CMS has been named appropriately Kentico Cloud. As the name suggests, the headless CMS is cloud based application with an external API for accessing all of the CMS data.

Throughout the presentations, the clear aim of the event was firstly to introduce the platform properly, show exactly how it works, how it can be implemented, and the benefits gained from using it.

Richard Shackleton, Emerging Technology Lead

The Kentico Roadshow was focused on Kentico’s new product – Kentico Cloud.  Kentico Cloud is an indication of where Kentico see the concept of CMS and EMS combining to a form a single DXP – a Digital Experience Platform.  This decision opens up the Kentico platform to be leveraged by any other system that would benefit from content delivery, digital marketing or both.

However, a common theme of the conference was the discussion of when and where to use Kentico Cloud.  It is clear that Kentico Cloud is not intended as a replacement for Kentico CMS/EMS; in fact it is a completely new offering to live and grow alongside the “full fat” platform that Kentico CMS/EMS affords.  The current feature-set would be ideal for small content-driven websites or microsites intended to be heavily marketed.  The Content Delivery API also opens up the system to powering more than just web-based applications; native or hybrid applications running on mobile platforms or desktop platforms could also benefit from Kentico Cloud integration.

I believe, for NetConstruct, the platform affords more value in the digital marketing side – branded as Kentico Engage.  Kentico Engage can be integrated into any other system, including other content management systems, and could be a first step for some of our existing and future clients who may not be ready to leap into a full Kentico EMS implementation.

Overall I’m looking forward to the future of Kentico Cloud and how it will provide NetConstruct, and of course our clients, more choice in development platforms and implementations compared to the existing Kentico CMS/EMS product.

Jonathan Healey, Managing Director

There is such a great community of developers and agencies in the Kentico network. For me the most valuable part of the events that Kentico have been organising for some years is the networking opportunities that they provide. One of the intriguing aspects of the Kentico landscape is that while it is now a genuine enterprise level vendor, the community around it feels like that of an open source product.

In keeping with the open source feel, Kentico engage regularly with the community to drive the roadmap. A great example of this was the new email marketing functionality for the next version which was demonstrated in the opening keynote. The features and functionality for this were driven by requests to Kentico and a number of agencies and users, including NetConstruct, were heavily involved in validating wireframes, prioritising features and providing feedback during development.

Another example was the business strategy discussion that provided a forum for partners to better understand Kentico’s plans for the next few years, provide feedback and air questions and concerns. No vendor gets things right every single time, so it is a delight to work with one who invites feedback and constructive criticism and then also acts on that feedback.

We were delighted to see that Kentico is adding a suite of cloud based products alongside their traditional offering. We feel that the two product streams will add to each other and strengthen the overall Kentico offering by providing a product set that expands to any website requirement.

Thank you Kentico for putting together a quality day.