Kentico have just released the highly anticipated latest version - version 8.

You may find many articles online that are aimed at the developers…but what about the normal folk that just want to know the benefits for content administrators in a language we can understand? How will Kentico 8 benefit us?

Well, here are my top 5 new features/improvements that Kentico have introduced in version 8 that will do just that…

The new look

Kentico has always been easy to use, but year after year of adding new features here and there, it became harder to navigate and sometimes slow at loading. Not anymore.

The new dashboard now resembles a windows 8 metro look and feel with attractive buttons and typography making it a pleasure to the eyes as well as a pleasure to use!

It is clear the guys at Kentico have really thought about content administrators in this version.

Not only does the new version look good, you will also see the new layout improvements that are obvious when you start playing with the system.

Everything is easy to navigate and I <3 the new drop down menus making it easy to browse each tab!

Copy and paste widget/ webpart content

This is amazing news!

The days of having to go into each page select a widget, copy, go and find the next page, paste, content (repeat the above over and over again)…are now thankfully over.

Kentico 8 allows you to set default content for web parts and widgets.


We all know the forms in Kentico were not the easiest for us norms to get our heads around.

Too much techy talk and multiple settings you had to set up in one screen and then go to another tab to amend this and that…

 Well the forms in Kentico 8 are a dream.

Using a drag and drop feature you can arrange the form and edit the basic properties of the fields.

PLUS they have even added a new few field types such as time interval. This would be perfect for a call back request form.

E-commerce improvements

There are so many improvements here, but the best for us content administrators would be that product options and properties are edited in one place.

Again, making our lives as content admins so much easier.

Ok, ok I will mention one more improvement…

The NEW strands recommender feature

This can be used to provide your website visitors Amazon-like product recommendations in real time.

Strands recommender within Kentico enables you to provide tailored product recommendations to each of your potential buyers.

It learns the behaviour and tastes of every single visitor — from activities like page visits and adding a product to the shopping cart — compares these to other visitors, and serves product recommendations  most likely to match the buyer’s preferences.

Also, you can recommend products across channels - both on web pages and in emails.

I can’t wait to try this out!

Last but definitely not the least for us content admins...

Help documents

The days of forgetting that one important step are over…

Kentico have created a huge library of help documents that are easily accessed in version 8.

The new help area provides special how-to instructions and tips & tricks related to the application you are using in a language we can understand.

Kentico--- we <3 you!

There are so much more to get excited about, whether you are a content admin, marketer and/or a developer.

The guys at Kentico have really worked hard on this version and it definitely shows!

If you are looking at upgrading to Kentico 8 from an older version or thinking of making the move from a CMS that no longer fits your needs, why not give us a call to have a ‘normal’ chat about the non-techy improvements in Kentico 8. We can also arrange a techy call- if that’s what you would prefer!

If you would like to know more please get in touch on Tel: 01937 581 123 or contact us