Hi, I’m Suzy and I joined NetConstruct as an Account Executive at the end of June having just finished my business degree at the University of Leeds.

I’m originally from Newcastle, but having spent so much time in Yorkshire the last few years, I knew it was a place that I would like to stay in, and that combined with the attractiveness of the job description is what led to me applying to NetConstruct.

I had completed a summer internship and a year-long placement during my time at university, both of which were digital marketing-related, so when I was offered this job I knew it would be my first full-time, long-term role in a sector that I wasn’t overly familiar with which was a bit of a scary prospect.

However, pretty much as soon as I entered the office on my first day I felt at ease. All the team were busy, but every single person made an effort to introduce themselves, talk to me and make me feel welcome. The atmosphere at NetConstruct is so friendly the team members are more like a big family rather than just work colleagues, and this is exactly what I was looking for in a company.

Two weeks in and there’s been a lot of information for me to take on board and everything still feels very new, but that doesn’t worry me because I know that there is help and support available whenever I need it. I’ve been to some client meetings, completed some website content entry and been introduced to the various tools and processes the team use which has been really interesting to learn about. I’m looking forward to working with the variety of clients NetConstruct has and fully getting to grips my role and responsibilities.

So far, my first couple of weeks in this job have exceeded my expectations and I’m excited about what’s yet to come!