Earlier this year we welcomed a new addition to our growing New Business team! We decided it was time to get to know Eleanor a little more, so we sat down to chat about her background, experiences and expertise, and how she has found her first six months at NetConstruct.

Tell us a little bit about you…

Three words I’d use to describe myself are ambitious, loyal and Greek! Ambitious is always the first word that comes to mind as working within sales, you need to have an ambitious outlook to a certain degree. I moved to the UK from a tiny Greek island when I was 14 so had to work extra hard to ensure I created a ground for success for myself.

Loyalty is important to me; I believe agency life can be quite transient, but I knew I wanted to find somewhere that I could be happy for the long term and stay…I want a long service award!

Tell us about your work background?

After completing a degree in Classical Civilisations at Durham University, I fell into the translation industry starting off in project management and then working my way up into account management. From that point, I transitioned into new business before making a big industry change to join NetConstruct.

What is your role at NetConstruct and how does this differ to previous roles?

My role here involves researching, identifying and approaching potential clients to ultimately guide them through their initial stages of website UX and development. It’s a completely different industry to what I’ve been involved with in the past.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the consultative element; I get to research on a daily basis and work out exactly what we can do to help each client’s website. Having that initial conversation with a client and really getting a feel for what they want and taking this thought, transforming it to become the basis for a new website. I find that so exciting and I love when clients get excited about the process too.

I also enjoy bringing new ideas to the table which haven’t been thought of yet. The research phase for a website build is huge, we ensure businesses get what they want through research such as UX workshops and interviews which both NetConstruct and the client love being involved with. Also, the place down the road does really great breakfast sandwiches…

What have you found challenging?

I’ve worked hard to learn the history of previous websites that we still have ongoing relationships with and that is a lot of information to remember! The teams have all gone through these builds together and listening to them talk about the projects, you can tell that they have a really personal involvement with each client. As I’m still quite new to the business, I’m looking forward to having my own projects that I can refer to and talk about in pitches.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give a client?

If you’re looking at starting a project, I would advise any client to make sure you do your research. Picking the right agency can be hard as there’s so many of us! You must be inquisitive and ask as many questions as possible. Once you’ve made your choice, let the agency guide you because they want to do a good job. You will – hopefully – be working with an agency for a long time so you need to gel. Trust is so important as you need to trust in their judgement. As an agency, we’re transparent with everything we do from costs to what we will deliver, even to the point of working together through costs with a client.

What is your favourite project the agency has worked on?

There are two standout projects which the agency has worked on. Havwoods’ website has recently launched, it’s a visually outstanding website that I love showing prospective clients, it highlights how good we really are even at design even though we’re usually known for our technical builds. My other one would be the ongoing work we’ve been doing with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this has been a lengthy and complex build but it really highlights our expertise.