As the rise of the smartphone continues, apps are becoming central to business models, allowing businesses to reach sections of their demographics that are notoriously hard to reach. An app is perfect for your business as it allows you to reach new clients or customers, boost your bottom line, fully integrate e-commerce, product catalogues and so much more. However, although perfect in theory, many businesses are wary about creating an app because they’re unsure how to do just that. Here, we look at how you can use COMO to create your app, no matter what your business may be.

Home to 1 Million Apps… and Counting

COMO is home to over 1 million apps and counting. Beloved by businesses because of its ease of use (you can create an app in three simple steps), COMO provides a made to order service, so all you have to do is think of your concept, give it a name and let COMO sit back and do the rest. So, no matter whether you’re a restaurant who wants an app to allow customers to reserve a table or a band who wants an app to display tour information, there’s a COMO option available.

Auto-Discovery Creates an App in Seconds

Aside from the variety of apps that can be created through COMO, another reason why most businesses like to use COMO is because of their auto-discovery technology which allows your existing content to be ‘grabbed’ and integrated into the app. Such technology means that, instead of weeks (and possibly even months), your app can be created within seconds.

Control Your Output, Promote Your Brand

Of course, just creating an app isn’t enough, and when your app is finalised you’ll have to monitor its performance. COMO apps allow for this, allowing you to view analytics statistics and track performance levels in a range of factors. Depending on your chosen payment plan (free options are available but you don’t get access to all the features), you can even get access to social sharing tools that can be pivotal in boosting your brand. With coupons, e-commerce and loyalty cards available, your app can really help you control your ROI.

How Simple is it?

As has been mentioned, one of the main reasons that businesses don’t have apps is that they’re wary of the process, the cost and how much hard work it can be. However, with COMO, it really couldn’t be simpler, and you can have a fully functioning mobile app in only three simple steps:

  1. Create the app you want: There’s no coding required, so fuss is kept to a minimum.
  2. Customize it to suit the needs of your business: Add your branding and your logo etc.
  3. Connect with customers and put it on the market place: Add it to the top mobile stores, publicise it and sit back as people download it.

Will People Download it? 

After you’ve created your app, you need to publicise it through your website, your blog and your social channels. From here, people should download it to the device that suits them… as long as your concept makes sense. Ideally you’ll want an app placed on the Appstore so that it’s downloadable on Apple devices and one that’s on the Amazon Appstore for those with Kindles. Finally, you’ll want a version that’s useable on Android phones, so it’ll need to be listed on Google Play (COMO submits this automatically on some payment plans). With COMO you can transform your content into a mobile-friendly website by copying an automatically generated code to your regular site, boosting your chance of maximising the number of downloads.


So, there we have it, building and distributing an app could be easier, simpler and less time consuming than you ever thought imaginable, so give it a go today on COMO.