The first half of 2017 has been as busy as any we can remember

It seems like it’s always that way in an agency which is part of what we love about what we do. As we move into the summer there is a real buzz in the agency. It’s been disruptive few weeks though as we’ve replaced our ceiling, lighting and air-conditioning… and now the painters are in – hopefully we’ll be settled in a week or two.

We had some fantastic sites going live in the first half of the year. We rebuilt the Theakstons site and shop that we first built back in 2011; we launched a new corporate site for Mitie – the connected workspaces company; we launched the consumer and intermediaries site for Darlington Building Society; and that’s before we talk about BlackMax, Innovia Films and our very own website.

For a digital agency the hardest project to do is your own website, it takes a long time because client projects always take priority and of course because we are never satisfied with it until… well ever – there is always something that could be done better. Anyway we can’t have done that bad a job because we scooped best designed site in the global Umbraco awards at CodeGarden in Denmark.

And talking of awards, we also picked up yet another one in the Kentico CMS awards for our work with Ryobi. We’ve had to archive some of the older pieces in the trophy cabinet.

We’ve also had some internal projects running during the first half of the year. After 10 years of faithful service we retired our scheduling system which had become a little simple for our needs. Our new system gives us far more flexibility and visibility as we are often booking resources more than 6 months into the future now. This is great news for clients, we’re always looking for better ways to deliver and this will be a great help in achieving that.

We introduced our training programme for developers formally after trialling some bits previously. We’ve always found that it takes is better to grow our own developers and now we have a formal way of doing it. To keep it fun and introduce a competitive element we’ve done some gamification of the programme and based it around XP (experience points) so all of our developers now have an XP score for front-end, backend, CMS and QA.

Looking forward to the next six months the projects we are currently working on will be even better than what we’ve done to date. We are expecting further growth and success and a very busy run through to the end of the year. It’s going to be quite a ride…