Developers doing what developers do best, staying up late and playing video games

Last year, a couple of our developers organised the first 24 hour charity stream in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, playing and streaming games from the office for a full 24 hours. We raised a fantastic £920 in that one day and plans for this year were already starting.

In July, they met up again to discuss the plans for this year; Macmillan had another campaign going so it was decided to take part for them again. After last year's success, we set our targets on the nice round £1000 to be raised over the course of the event.

With the greater challenge of a bigger target, we needed more ways to get the donations from our viewers. We added forfeits; we had forfeits galore and were dished out when players challenged each other or requested by donations. Organised by Claire, we had a suggestion box in the office since August collecting challenges and punishments from everyone in the office. Before the stream started, Claire had a final check to make sure they weren't too bad but they were still nasty. Some of the forfeits included:

  • Making a tea round for the entire office
  • Coming to work in fancy dress
  • Taking a shot of Hot Sauce from the shot wheel (later "upgraded" to Chilli Jam)
  • Getting shot by a pair of Nerf Guns (poor Romain)
  • NetConstruct's version of Chubby Bunny challenge
  • Whipped Cream pie to the face

These obviously went down well with the audience and even better with the unlucky people who picked out the forfeits. 

The day itself

We started the event at 13:05 with Wii Sports Resort, playing Archery and Sword fighting while the rest of the office worked - we tried to keep it down so that we didn't disturb everyone else. After we'd played enough sports we then moved on to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch where we tested out the new Battle Modes that were added. Suzy from Client Services even joined in for a bit. 

At 16:20, we swapped to the PlayStation 4 for the first of our Just Dance sessions.  We had planned to start earlier so that more people from the office would take part but unfortunately only Leila and James B were brave enough to take on the cheesy playlist. 

That lasted until 19:00 where we swapped over to Worms for some classic Turn-based warfare. Following that, we loaded up Drawful 2 which is a lot like Pictionary but everyone plays on their mobile phones, trying to draw a random phrase and then everyone else making a suggestion for what it is, and trying to fool each other.

From 00:00, we were over £630 in donations and we started playing Resident Evil 7 with the lights off and nowhere to hide.  You could have cut the tension with a knife. It was Rich who lost the public vote and was tasked with exploring the supposedly deserted house. During the early morning, we were left to our own devices as any normal person had gone to bed at that point, but we kept the energy going by playing competitive games such as Tekken 7, Black & White Bushido and Nidhogg II.

Our energy was certainly dropping by 04:00 and Rocket League wasn't the game we needed anymore, so we swapped back to Wii Sports Resort to get everyone moving again. Unsurprisingly, the Expert levels in Archery were made even harder with the difficulty of holding the remote with an out stretched arm and feeling very tired. We moved on to Nintendo Land for the Wii U at 07:30 as that allowed everyone to get back into the swing of things. 

From 09:00 everything was back at full throttle. Operations Director Steve came in guns blazing (metaphorically and literally) to boost us and also took breakfast sandwich orders. Meanwhile James B had surfaced from his own Fifa '18 challenge to take on the highly trained and efficient chasing squad in Mario Chase in Nintendo Land. He must have had at least 20 attempts trying to escape from the team of 4 for 2:30 minutes. However, his escape times ranged from 1 minute 30 seconds to 8 seconds, so became the target of a lot of forfeits.

10:00 rolled round and we were back in Just Dance for the PS4, taking requests and having a few special guests from the parents in the office. More donations and forfeits came in. This is when Steve brought out the Chilli Jam (containing real Ghost Peppers) which was worst than anything we'd had earlier. Luckily we brought enough milkshakes to quench the fires but that was only temporary. 

We ended the stream with a favourite of the players, Gang Beasts where player try to throw each other off platforms to be the last plasticine man standing. 

It isn't over yet

As well as many of the forfeits requiring people to make tea rounds or taking over the breakfast sandwich run this month, we also had an incentive for the goal to be reached. Ben S said he was going to get his hair dyed green (a nice mint shade to go with the company branding) if the target was met. We hit that target with 15 minutes to go so the appointment is still on. Look forward to photos of that taking place and the results. Check out our JustGiving page for a break down of the donations 

A massive well done to Rich, Ben S, Ashley, Nick and Iain for organising the event, staying awake the whole 24 hours and helping to reach the target set.

Starting Throws from Rich

Starting out and Rich is already having a hard time with Frisbee Golf

Nick having trouble with his Toxic Waste

The Ghost Pepper Chilli Jam

Dance or else

It's a me!